10 Best Slip and Slide Clichés (And What to Do/say Instead)


So we have all heard the phrase, “Don’t let a slip and slide define your life.” Yet we rarely practice those phrases with words the way we mean them. The idea behind slipping and sliding is to slide as smoothly as possible, without exerting too much force against the surface of the floor. Slip and slide phrases can seem awkward, but they work! Try to slip and slide your feet into the position which best suits you.

When you think of slipping and sliding, your focus is usually on sliding with no effort, and it is often considered sloppy, but the opposite is true. That is, if you don´t focus on not slipping, you won´t perform sloppy sliding – the opposite is true. Blog: The secret to having fun at work Old blog: The secret to having fun at work? Get your butt to the gym and exercise.

Get your butt to the gym, ahem, and burn off those calories! Make your body look ripped with a workout like a game of tag. Then slide your way across a set of boards by holding onto as many rings as you can. When you finally get the last ring, make it the last one on your left and then slide on the right to get the ring on top of the first one.

Sliding is a technique that many of us practice, but we fail to do it all the time. A slip and slide allows you to move smoothly from one part of the floor to another. Slip and slide is a method that many of us practice, but we fail to do it all the time.


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