10 Hilarious Tweets About Best Bully Sticks for Dogs

bulldog, dog, puppy @ Pixabay

Bully sticks for dogs have come a long way. From traditional bully sticks from 5 to 20 inches in length, to the new “dare to play” sticks by the likes of Whippet, Biscuit, and Houndstooth. Most of these dog toys aren’t for the kiddy as they involve dogs swinging the sticks.

With this being said, the best kind of dog toy is the one that fits you. If you have a love for classic bully sticks, then this is the toy for you. You can use them in the kitchen to create a fun area that is easy to clean and fun to play in. You can also use them in your yard to play chase-the-sticks around the yard to attract the attention of your dog.

If your dog is smart enough to make a bully stick, your pet dog is smart enough to be a bully himself. With the bully toy, he gets to play with a much bigger stick than your usual dog toys! Play to win, don´t just play.

If you want an even better bully stick, check out the best bully sticks for dogs. Whether you’re a dog parent or a pet parent, you will find the best dog toy that you have ever bought your pup. We’ve reviewed the best dog toy for every breed and size and here are 10 of the top dog toys for every dog.


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