10 Signs a Best Wah Pedal Revolution Is Coming


We are quickly approaching a new era for the hip hop industry and Wah Pedals are the premier hip hop style, delivering a completely personalized experience to you, your loved ones, and fans. We are on a mission to break apart of the old school and create a new way of listening to music like never before. And now as more people are discovering Wah Pedals they are beginning to embrace hip hop culture, embracing music and creating new artists for the industry.

We invite you to experience the Wah Pedal Revolution with us this weekend as we bring you the debut of our new EP, KICKOFF. From the Hip Hop community to your favorite artiste, this is the weekend you will want to put it on.

The introduction of the Wah Pedals EP is a great first step toward making some of the most anticipated records the foundation of the new music ecosystem. After the release of KICKOFF, we have just released our new single “No-Fear” which features 2Pac, the most respected artiste on the planet and the biggest songwriter of his generation. It is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and any other music platform in the world.


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