10 Ways Coronavirus Changed the Best Healer Bfa Industry Forever


So imagine the best you’ve ever had in your life. This is your dream home, that’s how great it will be, and now you’re ready to sell it and move on to the next thing. And the last thing you know, your world has changed. The coronavirus has hit the Bfi industry so hard. So much has happened in this particular industry and from a very personal perspective.

Now, while all hope is lost and the business has shut down, Bfi is still alive. Many of us continue to work, making deals that have helped this industry continue to grow and thrive. While it has been a great pain, a chance to get out into the public, this industry continues to thrive. We are not dead yet but were going through some tough times.

It sounds to us like the business has been up against the proverbial wall. Coronavirus has literally hit it like a tidal wave. But in the immortal words of the Bfi industry, we are still going strong. We are more than capable of providing for ourselves, we’re just not doing so with a financial crisis weighing down on us. It’s about time we get back on our feet. To be honest, in many ways, they have.

The global financial crisis has hit the country in one form or another. How did the industry fare? Here we go… well not so much fared so much as changed forever.The industry has evolved to be more consumer focused. Where before the Bfi industry was about helping people and their communities, and in turn, providing a service or facility like a pharmacy, it has evolved to become a community focused service.

I love the work these guys do every day. The work they do, the products they sell, the knowledge they share, the people they work with, and the sheer joy of helping others, they dont get to that often. Its not the money you make with this business that makes them different than the rest of the professions. Its the connection and sense of accomplishment that comes from helping others and making it better from a perspective that I can relate to from my personal and professional perspectives.


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