101 Unusual Uses of Best Summer Crop Stardew Valley

strawberry, milk, splash @ Pixabay

The best things in life sometimes are strange, and sometimes they don’t work out as planned. It is up to you to try things when you should have known better. The goal is to be one of the best people around and be a positive influence in your community and have unique experiences to share with friends and family.

Best of 2016 is the seventh in a series of 10 new articles from the top experts in every crop variety of strawberries… that’s right, that’s 10 new entries to 10 new articles on each variety.

“Here I Am! One year after planting the seeds and harvesting the first fruit,” and you have a crop year. The season offers the opportunity to plant strawberries in just about every location in North America. Growers can find the best strawberries with the best yields in the sun or in the shade, near water, or in a rich blend of other varieties.

The first thing someone will tell you is that you are a green thumb. Most of the time, that may sound good but many people don’t realize that the world, especially when you look at it from the outside, has a lot more to offer than just flowers or peas.


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