101 Unusual Uses of Zapdos Best Moveset

children, splash, asia @ Pixabay

Zapdos has a number of movesets that include the legendary “Firebolt”. This Pokemon move is the most powerful Fire-type move in the game and has the highest base attack. This is why any Pokemon with this move is very hard to stop. Even Pokemon such as Pikachu have tried and are always able to hit it with a few weak attacks.

Since the Firebolt is not an exclusive move, you may want to look for ones with other base moves such as the Ice Beam, the Rock Tomb, and even the Toxic Zone. However, they are not exclusive. In fact, many Pokemon with these base moves will be able to hit them with an alternate base move. In turn, you might want to look at the base moves of the other three Pokemon for an alternative move.

Most of the base moves in this set are very weak but it still requires you to have a strong jump-start as it requires the target to be able to jump as high as it will go. This usually happens with weak moves like Water Bubble, Water Slide, etc. But since they also have weak attacks, the target can still easily jump back up to hit. But if they fail to do so, then the attack will always be weak.

Z-Wave also has lots of base moves to be sure you will have to jump to hit one but, one does not have to jump to kill a Z-Wave. There are many base moves for this move just like Z-Wave and you will still need to jump to connect. All this adds up to a lot of effort when you want to catch one.


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