It doesn’t matter how much you eat you will always sleep poorly whether you’re at home or on your couch. These days the bed is the most popular sleeping position for most people. But despite all of its advantages, a poor night’s sleep can damage your body and make it more prone to disease, illness and injury.

When youre out and about be sure to make time to rest. Try to take in some relaxing time, but only if you can. Have a snack and sip a cool beverage like water while your eyes close and you fall asleep without having to force it. By resting you can reduce how much extra strain you put on your muscles and bones.

Here, youre going to find 11 surprising ways mattress reddit can affect your health and how to prevent the problems that can happen by sleep deprivation.

Best mattress reddit. Its important to note that this isnt your mattress trying to tell you it is ok to sleep on the floor – it is because youre doing it wrong. The best way to make sure you are getting the best sleep that you can is to check the mattress while youre standing by your bed.

We reveal 11 Surprising Ways Mattress Reddit Can Affect Your Health. Old blog: If youve ever found yourself stressed out about money, stress can affect any part of your body. If youre stuck in a bad mood for any other reason then youll know just how frustrating it can be to feel your anxiety, stress levels, and moods rise.The problem is when stress gets out of control and begins to disrupt your whole life.


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