11 Ways Coronavirus Changed the Best Pokemon Abilities Industry Forever

iphone, iphone 6, tv @ Pixabay

This week, a new video has been released by Pokemon Go about the best Pokemon abilities. First off, we all had a lot of people saying that being able to catch virtual Pokémon in real-time was awesome, but how was catching Pokemon on an empty pocket a problem? Well, the Pokémon Company quickly came to a solution when the company decided to start its new mobile game, Pokemon Go. This allows Pokemon to use the virtual world in order to learn the skills necessary to catch them.

As a side effect of this mobile game feature, Pokemon can no longer be found in their standard surroundings. This creates a new problem within the Pokémon and Pokemon Go industries. The first effect is the Pokémon Company may have no players to work with as developers. The issue is more than just catching virtual Pokemon, it is too many Pokemon disappearing from the real world forever. The company, along with Nintendo, are at odds with how they plan on tackling the issue of Pokemon missing in the real world.

Just because something is available on the internet does not mean it can’t be used, either. Here are 11 ideas on how you can make your online-exclusive creations more unique and useful. It was a tough call between the 3 major platforms – Nintendo, Google, and Amazon – for us to decide which ones deserve the title. We are hoping we were able to do something great for the Pokémon GO market.


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