11 Ways Coronavirus Changed the Best Sushi Rolls Industry Forever


Are you in love with your sushi rolls? What about their seasoning or the way they wrap them? Did you know all your favorite restaurants are either closing or restricting their operations because of COVID? With your new favorite recipe or technique, what are you planning to give up? Or maybe you just want to see a repeat of the same chef’s creation. That’s why chefs and sushi chefs are going to be all the more busy while supplies last.

This industry has changed forever as the coronavirus has changed us, so we are not the same anymore. We will be on our toes to make sure we have the new recipes and techniques that are going to get lost forever.

The most important thing for you the people, the community, as we change, is to stay connected and help one another. We are all connected and we can all do something to make changes if we stick to common sense. Make your own food, take your own walks, go to the movies, find your nearest playground, join your neighbor. Stay connected, do something to make change happen, be part of the solution, not just a solution. Blog: 1.


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