12 Signs a Best Buy College Park Revolution Is Coming


It’s time we had our own Best Buy College Park edition for our college town. Check out 12 signs a Best Buy college town is coming on this week, and you will see there’s never been a time in history like it.

A college town was on everyone’s minds in the last election when an independent candidate made gains and brought home a plurality of the vote over a large percentage of the vote, and the results were not a surprise by any means. College town is not that far off from the state of Alabama where voters chose a Republican over a Democrat for governor, and one would assume that the same would happen across the board, and that is exactly what is happening in College Park…

To better know your community and its members, here is an article from The Chicago Tribune titled “What college campuses stand out? The 10 best”. Blog: The Key Takeaway That I Learned From My Father’s Cancer Pains. Old blog: Here we teach you the secrets to living your best life based on the lessons my mom passed on to me.


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