12 Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted to Highest and Best Use


The way I see it people spend time online has become so saturated that we don’t even see the people who are spending that time online. Marketers have to find a way out of this madness. Here are the twelve ways marketers are making you addicted to the highest and best use of your time online 1. Use apps to find the best deals App use has skyrocketed over the last few years. Apps can help you find the lowest cost and best prices in the entire world.

If you really know what you are doing then don’t be fooled by the marketers who are still using the same tactics. For example, if you are spending 25 minutes a day to read an article from Mashable then think about the purpose of the article. Is it to inform you how to save more time in the office? If its the opposite then think about its purpose. You are not spending your life reading an article in order to save minutes.

There is no more reliable and consistent way to find the best deals than an app. Its always the most user friendly way of shopping, it is very affordable. All you have to do is search and follow the app store. There are loads of apps out there that are designed specifically for eCommerce. So, if you want to shop online with your phone you are one step ahead.2.

This is another favorite tactic of social marketers. Be aware of the word “app” so often used to market. App names and categories are constantly being added. For example, Facebook’s app for “News’ is called “Newsfeed”. Or Twitter’s app for “Events” is called “Event”. Even Google is introducing “Other app’s” or “other apps”.

Why the term App is misleading. It is more commonly referring to Google search and other website. Google search is an App with millions of Apps. We all know who is developing the App. The App is developed by a person or a team. They have spent many years researching to identify the best App and best Apps to be developed. So, App is not the word but a name of the best App. It is very competitive in it own right.

This is yet another great use of apps by marketers. It is quite amazing this type of apps and website development are now available. There are loads of products and service options that we can develop using these. If we combine them with various strategies, these will bring us to better results.3.Do not be fooled by the ads. They are not real. We have to realize that ads are fake.

These fake ads are everywhere these days. Look at the ads on Facebook. These are not real. Look at the ads on your favorite dating website, the ones with fake pictures on them.


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