13 Surprising Elon Musk Opinions on Best Buy Greece


Last year I was having lunch with the Founder and CEO of the company, Elon Musk. He stated that he was going to purchase a company called Best Buy Greece and have his own bakery. This was completely shocking to me. I had not heard Elon Musk’s voice for ages.

I read his interview with his wife, Kimbal Musk, in which she talks about the ups and downs of their marriage. Kimbal Musk mentions quite a few things regarding her marriage and those were some of the things that amazed me and I had to share them with you.

Be honest; there are some things more important than a company and some things less important. Old blog: The world has certainly become a better place since I began this blog. When I was 14, I still lived at my grandparents’ small house and my parents would regularly come to visit. My parents’ house was a great asset for me as I loved to get up early and run. That meant I spent most of the day with my grandparents.


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