13 Things Elon Musk Has in Common With Best Place to Live in Oregon


With the best food in Oregon there might be one thing we can all agree on… and that is, there is plenty to eat out and about. But what about your place of residence? Are there some things which you can agree on? If so, we might as well share them, so that you have something to put down to yourself after your weekend in Oregon.

Here are 13 things we can all agree with at this moment. #1: You need to spend time on the road with your family (and we can only hope that by the time your kids are born, they will have figured out some time-saving ways to accomplish that) #2: You need to find another way to take your dogs for after-hours walks… #3: You should start saving to buy a home in Oregon #4: You need to start a new car.

If a new home isn’t in front of your mind when you are planning to move, you really have no business considering buying a home in this state. It’s a rare person who can afford a new car and who doesn’t have other family members who need one. 5 Best Restaurants to Visit Old blog: There are a number of great restaurants in Oregon, all of which are well worth traveling to.

There are a number of places, old or new that have special meaning to our state. We have many great restaurants and it is not always easy for you to find them all in one place. However, if you can’t find them, there are still some excellent places to spend a special night, either with friends or family.


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