14 Best Controller for Smash Ultimate Stories Worth Reading Right Now


For all you Smash Ultimate players out there, today we’re going to focus on all the best controller devices that you can use to support your gameplay. Your favorite Ultimate has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, each one having a different appeal depending on your style, preferences, and age.

The controller has now arrived! Here, learn to select the right one for your game play and experience. Use this guide to select a controller that fits your needs and allows you to unleash your Ultimate.

While most people focus on the controller for their Ultimate, some people are also exploring and attempting different controllers. So, you’ve come to this page to research and compare the best controllers for Ultimate? And what are the results? There are two reasons why this is important information. Most importantly, you must consider which controller works best with your needs. After all, some of the highest rated controllers offer the best functionality while others are at a disadvantage.

The controllers have come into play and it is time to see how different these devices are to one another. These reviews will present all the strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to see which device suits the Ultimate youre playing.

Today we are going to highlight the best controllers for Smash Ultimate: Nintendo Switch. The best Smash Ultimate controller is the Dualshock 3 which provides a unique control scheme for gameplay in addition to a touchpad which makes it easy to navigate across the stages. For you hardcore Ultimate players, you should consider getting the Xbox or PS4 controller although the Switch doesn’t come cheap. The XBOX and PS4 controllers are worth the money but the Switch controller has a larger array of features.


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