14 Things Joe Exotic Has in Common With Best Joi


I have been following Joe Exotic on Youtube and I can confirm the man is indeed a legend in the business. The fact that he has one of the highest YouTube and Facebook fans by viewers tells you one thing. Joe Exotic is in the business for a reason. He knows that nothing sells better than exclusivity. If they make Joe Exotic exclusive you will never have to buy from Joe. He knows this from the beginning and we know many of his fans did as well.

Let’s start with the fact that when a lot of things are said and done, there is no wrong word. Words need to be used tactfully if you want to be taken seriously in your life and business. Let’s be honest with ourselves, many times we try to get to the roots of issues instead of going towards the root cause.

Lets start by having a little time apart in our marriage. Do you know what makes a good husband? What do you want as a husband? What do you want as a wife? These are the questions you have to ask yourself. Take some time out to re-evaluate your values in your marriage. Spend that time building on the foundation that you have now. This will really mean the difference in your marriage.

If you are struggling in your marriage the first thing I would suggest is to talk to your spouse about this. How is this being accomplished?What words you need to use to make your points stick. I’m talking about real words. Words that you live with everyday. This should be a process of getting to know your spouse. When I use the word, “I” I am not talking about someone you met before your marriage. Instead, I am talking about yourself.

There are many people, men and women, that are looking for the ‘perfect marriage’ and they often fail to take the time to really look at the reasons for the things that they are seeking. What I see in many of the blogs that I am on is a struggle to find a reason why they are struggling and that the struggle is more important at the time than their relationship. This is a false belief.

Let me tell you that I think that there is one of the most important elements that I have learned in life and that is to start being honest with yourself. I have had many friends tell me, I wish there could have been a way to tell them something that they never told me.

These days it can be so easy to be selfish and I know that people are frustrated. We are spoiled! We are spoiled by the fact that we have unlimited resources but there are times when the limits become blurry and we don’t know where to turn.

We will discuss a few ways to improve communication.


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