15 Best Dynasty Warriors Game Clichés (And What to Do/say Instead)


We’ve all watched that “cliche Dynasty Warriors” game. They’re fun to watch but they don’t really speak truth to their title. But, if you really want to get all geeked-up with the best of the best, you can listen to Dr. Michael Spertaknyte of GeekSpertaknyte.com, who talks about 15 dynasty game cliches that have stuck with gamers forever.

Dr. Spertaknyte is a famous personality and has a wealth of knowledge on this subject. Although some of the cliches described here are well known, Dr. Spertaknyte tells you why these cliches are bad and what you can do instead.

Dr. Spertaknyte has the perfect balance of “in” word and “listened to”. In order to be geeked about the best of the best Dynasty Warriors game and all its best cliches, you must listen to him. You can listen to our video about this topic right here.

The best advice ever will tell you that we shouldnt worry about any details as long as we are able to make a decision in the end. To that end, check out the great video we did of Dr. Spertaknyte. We give you five cliches based on Dr. Spertaknyte that have stuck with gamer forever. Dr. Spertaknyte takes viewers through all of this information.

You may be surprised that you may use some “old” game cliche for the first time if you haven’t used them before. Although some of them have been used and misused many times, one of them is just as good as the ones used today. A popular one is “The Biggest Loser”. There are three parts to any “Biggest Loser” challenge. You need an extra food. You need to take a lot of drugs or eat other nasty things.


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