15 Brilliant Tips for Best Wedge Pillow Newbies


If you’re looking for the perfect wedge, I have some great tips for you. #15: For the first 15 minutes of your wedge bed rest, take it slow. #14: Never take your wedge pillow off the bed while you’re sleeping! #13: If you’re not feeling the benefits of Wedge Pillow, take it out. #12: Avoid high tension positions.

Wedge pillows work in 2 different ways. First, they help to stretch and relax your body. The back and the top are all well cushioned and support your back, making your arms easier to find and, most importantly, allowing you to curl your legs without a moment’s hesitation. But the key is that your top and bottom can actually be your sides. This stretches your top, creating extra room for your back and making you easier to find.

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