Let the fun begin with beautiful nails. The best part about nail polish? They are as easy as a touch of the fingertips, yet they never fade. To get the maximum color and wear life out of them, use top coat polish to create an invincible finish, even on the most stubborn and unruly nails.

When we are not happy with a nail we take it off to change things so we can be happy. After that all we have in life is those beautiful, long, dark locks we can’t seem to shake.

Not an entirely new story, as you may have noted, for it all began with a black nail. As an English major in college, her parents sent her to a nail technician for her to get a manicure. Her friends laughed at the idea that she would just wash off her hands, but soon she was back in the black nail salon! Then to take it to a whole new level, the manicure salon started offering nail polish over and over.

While the story may have been set in a different time, we all owe a heavy debt to the great manicure salon in NYC’s Chelsea. Using top coat polish to create the illusion of super-durable nails, the salon kept the same salon feel each time it offered a new color. No longer would the salon be full of the same look, no longer would there be an old style customer with a smile that looked like it was on their face.

As nails grow out, the top coat takes on a more and more noticeable role to create a timeless look. In our example, they have transitioned to yellow. If you have not taken off your last set of polish you are either not having super day or you are simply missing the days to day fun of having nail polish. That is something we must all do.To get super day, take time off from work and go for a manicure.

No more will the black nails be gone, we all just got them. With the addition of yellow you take on the look of night by evening and in the summer you can finally stay warm and super fun without the cold feeling of a white coat.Top coat polish is the only way to get the job done, without you having to do it yourself.

Want to keep up with all the amazing new things that are going on? Get out of the kitchen, go to the store, talk, and enjoy the city. These are the best ways to live fully informed, self-directed, and free.

Why our happiness lies in our relationships. Here, our happiness lies primarily in our relationships. For it to be a real happy marriage, it takes more than just a good time and a great time.


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