Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your favorite social networks, Twitter or Facebook, and there is one tweet you just cannot seem to put your finger on? How about this very one? Tweet #bestbuyde. The tweet above is so funny you are going to die laughing. No matter what the product is or where it comes from, the message will always be the same. I could not resist it. Here is how it goes. I saw this tweet a few months ago.

There is a great article out there called “Ten Things To Do Before You Die”. I was at the office and this guy had just sent this beautiful photo to Twitter. For some reason, I remembered the tweet. What was the tweet? Best Buy De Dover USA. New blog: Let’s do it.

Here are a few of the reasons that your boss is a jerk. 1 – “I could ask the man at the desk if he needs a hand cleaning that machine, but…” 2 –” I thought I was being careful with that car you bought. I’m still learning on the job, but I always play it safe. ” 3 – “I noticed the color of the license plate was different.” 4 -“I didn’t see the license plate until I was driving away.

Are you always a workaholic? Does your boss give you orders to go to sleep at a certain time every night? This sounds like a bad habit that leads to a miserable end to your career. It’s time for you to ditch your office job to spend your hard-earned money on a new car, vacation, and some exciting outings with your friends.

I always loved writing but I had to stop because work was too hard, but now I need to start again because I love my job. old blog: We love our jobs and we love doing what we love, but we also love to play and be silly. Sometimes we become too serious and become the ones who have to take responsibility to make things work.

The story of a real woman who made the most of the times she had. Old blog: Why you have to become a blogger. New blog: I used to work for Denny’s, and this was my coworker’s dream job! She worked there as a cashier for three years and then was hired as a cashier at our own restaurant. She made it happen. She was a real “team player.


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