15 Surprising Bill Gates Opinions on Best Buy Germantown


We are honored to have the opportunity to discuss the opinion of the world’s most famous tech investor on the opinion of the world’s largest retailer, but I am truly surprised by all 15 of Gates’ suggestions.

Gates has a unique perspective on technology, business, politics, and, of course, relationships. We take a look at how and why he perceives the world from the perspective of his own company, the world’s largest retailer, and how his perspective can be used to create change in this business.

Let’s be honest; Bill Gates has very different feelings than you about the quality of his products.

There is nothing more dangerous than when people believe what they believe until proven incorrect. We have seen this over and over again. One of the ways we can make a difference is by not just listening, but actually participating. What matters to Bill is the way his products are perceived.

He really didn’t know anyone that went into space. He didn’t know anyone that would live in space, as his company makes everything right down to the smallest detail. This is where his ideas are validating what you and I would say is insane. Not because it is impossible, but because, and this is important, it is very probable this would be considered insane and we would have very little regard for this person.

“We wouldnt buy it if we couldnt get our money back” Old blog: What is the problem in being able to come to the conclusion that it might “suck”. We may be smart, but we are not invincible. We should not fear trying new things, because we could also fail. The problem is that we are making decisions based on fear. Fear is a powerful tool if your not willing to change how you think about the issue.


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