15 Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted to Best Buy Microphone


You might be a marketing superstar if you have a big fan following (which you may have if you have had large orders for a specific item) but if you’re not spending at least six hours a week or more into the daily grind of marketing, then perhaps you need to consider some serious attention to your health, too. If you are a heavy consumer at the checkout counters of every Best Buy, you are probably adding an addiction to the marketing department.

There is a saying, “There are two kinds of addicts: Those who think the world is flat, and those who can’t live without it.” In the case of audio and television commercials, the former certainly applies.

The marketing team is looking for stories that will be able to convince shoppers to purchase your product. The old sales force often would have been too concerned about the impression their product would leave on the consumer, so they would have to get the conversation started, and then they were just afraid they may not have a good impression. As a result, they would end up using the power of that same product to sell the customer more products to add to their huge list.

This new trend of marketers using the power of their product to keep people from getting things their way, is becoming so widespread that it has reached a point where the consumers are being manipulated into believing their phone or TV or iPod is as good as the other. The problem is, this is a deceptive form of marketing, the consumer has no say in the matter. The consumer is manipulated.


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