I love our smartphones. My phone is a lifesaver for me when I have a call, and it’s a constant reminder that I must focus on the task at hand. It takes away the need for me to multitask, scroll through my timeline of notifications, or do any type of other work during my phone call. It reminds me to take a break. I have learned to use my phone less often and focus on some of the most important things.

You may recognize your smartphone as a necessity, but what do you do if you don’t have its applications? How much time will you allocate to your smartphone, if any, if you don’t use its apps? Does everyone use their smartphone like this? If yes, it’s a lot.

In a digital world, it is important to realize that your smartphone may not be as much of an “app” as it once was. Technology has indeed evolved from a mere thing to an indispensable tool.

When you get used to the idea that, your smartphone will always be near you, this becomes a part of your personal reality. There is no better way to make a phone call than to use your device as a personal speakerphone. I still carry my smartphone at all times, and I can make a call with it.

In the past and even into today, I carry my smartphone most of the time. No longer will I only rely on it to keep me connected at all times. Even while writing emails or checking things like YouTube, I get online and use my phone as a phone to call myself. As I write this article, I keep this thought constantly re-affirmed. The way I am now thinking about smartphone use is actually the way I wish I had always done it.

The idea for “3 Best Buy Middletown Ny Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes” came from talking to many customers, sales reps, and senior managers who all love their smartphones and how they work. The title of the blog was then very much, “What are the myths, myths, and misinformation you get with your cell phone?”.


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