3 Best Canister Filter Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes


So often when people tell me about how bad of a clean person I am, they often use terms like “dirty carpet,” “dirty bathroom,” or “dirty sink.” Well, to let you in on a little secret, I can attest that these are not all true. I personally feel dirty about 10 times the amount I feel well-cared for.

The first thing I do whenever I get a surprise cleaning request is to put the dirty laundry in the washing machine. The second thing I do is take my bed-linen out to the cleaners to ensure that I actually have clean sheets. (If you can stand looking at a dirty room, you deserve it, and even better you deserve a clean room. But that’s a whole new blog. For now we have to move on to the next exercise.

In this exercise we are going to use the old term. These are a set of muscles that connect two specific areas of the body. We will begin by doing a set of 3 back kicks. Our “old” method of starting was to do a full front knee lift (using your whole leg), followed by a front toe lift (tapping your heel, pulling downward). We then did a half-full back knee lift, followed by a full front knee lift.

We will use back kicks as our base exercises. Our method of starting the round by jumping up from the floor allows us an incredible amount of freedom — with very little effort. We then can build to a set height (usually 2 to 4 inches) to create a full sprint. The method that we will use for the heel lifts is exactly the same. Jump up in the air, then swing over your back foot to the toe, and then return back down.


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