3 Best High Mileage Oil Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes


In the past few years you probably heard many people claim that they’re losing their high mileage oil after only a 30,000 mile drive. That is not true. The only reason you are seeing low mileage on your car or light truck oil is because of the way your vehicle’s carbox is designed. In many cases, those light duty oils have been damaged or are damaged in some other way. We know we shouldn’t be doing that to our cars.

While many people have heard that their cars are going to have to be rebuilt, are you even considering buying a new vehicle? The truth is, there are certain cars that come with a limited warranty (such as the light duty oils) meaning that a vehicle rebuild will cost you less. We recommend investing in the new you and a brand new engine will not be an investment you can’t afford to make.


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