3 Best Trolling Motor Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes


Today, we are going to debunk some of the most common motor sport myths and counter them with some very simple and basic facts about motor vehicles. Motor vehicles (or motorcyles at their most basic) aren’t just vehicles—they are vehicles. They have wheels, axles, and powertrain. And they have many uses. But we all experience motor sports from time to time.

I have found three types of motorcyles: 1) The ones that are very lightweight, but with a powertrain and wheels that are very heavy. Some people will actually prefer the more powerful (heavy) model. Its usually not their speed or driving style that you desire. These models arent very common because its usually under 4K. 2) Those that have heavy wheels and drive slower. These models will be popular in places outside those that have high gas mileage.

Trolling is definitely a form of entertainment. Whether it is a real motor sport or not, any good troller is always entertaining. For example, I might like it when a racetrack comes on my screen and I am so entertained by watching the horses and the drivers and all the interesting mechanics that go on. Or when I see someone taking to the troller and I am impressed by how they got there.

There are many different motor speeds. You can actually get very little downrange for the most powerful motor. It is really hard when there is a slower motor to get any sort of power, or the speed or feel of a racing motor. So there are many motor speeds. What is the one speed that is the easiest to get? Speed is a relative term, there is no absolute speed. Speed of an object is always relative to you and everything and everything else in the environment.


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