For the people in the Midland, Texas, Best Buy has become the go-to retail retailer. If you’re new to retail, the world of retail is filled with people that have the tendency of going off half-cocked, and that’s exactly what you’ll find with some of their employee’s.

They come to Midland with experience and an attitude that is eager to learn but is very cautious about what they know. If they are an avid shopper at the mall with a tendency to do a little something different than everyone else, theyll be ready to experiment with what they see as “the next big thing.

Being successful and thriving in retail requires two key ingredients: ambition, but even more important is passion. Passion is crucial because many retail employees come from some of the lowest ranks of the retail world. In the end though, passion and ambition are what make retail work. They create a culture where everyone can think and say “I” and “me” but the people of retail dont just want people to talk about retailing or shopping.

Even after a year in the same industry and being the top sales manager, there are lots of things that have changed and that affect sales. There are new ways to reach the customer. Customers don’t come to retail stores to talk about their credit card purchases. They come as a surprise to an organization that has been working in retail for over 100 years.


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