The best sprinkler heads will cost you a bundle, and they can go to waste. But not so fast. With this short guide, you can save a bundle. Here are five very useful tips that can save you some extra dough on your next sprinkler purchase: 1. Look into using a low viscosity spray. This will ensure that the water is spread evenly across the garden area, which means less water is used everywhere. 2. Buy the right drip system.

Most people underestimate the importance of getting the right drip system installed. However, with proper installation, you can save on your water bill, minimize lawn damage to your expensive sprinkler head, and make your sprinkler life more efficient and safe than ever. 3. Make sure you water in the right areas.

When you set out to water your lawn, make sure you water every inch of the area that needs watering but keep in mind that even the slightest soil compaction can cause water problems! 4. Check the weather and make sure you’re not going to rain! Rain is a good way to water your lawn, but you are not alone. Here’s how to remember your lawn maintenance plans so you can continue to water your lawn when you have no intention of getting damp. 5.


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