5 Ways Coronavirus Has Changed How We Think About Best Short Anime

boys, kids, reading @ Pixabay

The Coronavirus has changed how we think about anime. In this video series, I share some of the highlights from the past months of anime we watched when the Coronavirus struck.

As a friend of mine has mentioned to me many times now, it seems almost everywhere I turn there are more and more anime series than ever. The result? Some that we’ve never seen before, but definitely some that we’re missing when you think about it. Of course, I’m only going to talk about some of the more major changes, especially the ones I see in my head more than I write in my journal in my blog.

I want to share with you a couple more short animated films that I watched during the Coronavirus. They were both incredibly cool, and I hope more people will share these stories in the future.

In my daily writing, I have discovered a lot of interesting stories from the Coronavirus outbreak that is currently not being spoken out about. The stories are both heartbreaking and amazing, and so I thought they well deserved a mention. When Coronavirus comes along with these stories, it can be hard not to get emotional, just as it was this time.

While a lot of our daily routines remain the same, many of us have become more aware of how Coronavirus has changed our daily lives. I personally like to keep up with all the news on news, and on social media, and I was so saddened to see how people have lost so much of their normal life that they seemed to be no longer able to make decisions, leaving houses, or even work their regular jobs.


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