6 Hottest Best Drum Machine Trends for 2022

container drums, craft, dirty @ Pixabay

Drum machines are the hottest new product category on the market today. According to Drum Machines Worldwide’s 2019 Global Sales Study for the year ending June 2018, the top-selling product in the category was drums. Of the top-selling products in this category globally in 2018, over 25% of the top-selling products for this category were drum machines. Drum machines are gaining more popularity due to: 1. Drum Machines are becoming more affordable and accessible to the majority of the young generation.

In an already hot area for tech adoption, I love the fact that digital drum machines are moving to the mainstream with their ease of use, and that users are still buying drum machines online. New Drum Machine Trends 2022 provide an updated list of the top new technology trends in the upcoming decades, in terms of what will be trending in the Drum Machine category for the coming year 2022.

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