6 Ways Coronavirus Changed the Best Lures for Trout Industry Forever

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A well-known but controversial topic among anglers is the threat that the COVID-19 virus poses to trout lures, and although at first glance the situation has not been very challenging for the fishing world, it has seen the introduction of new regulations, with some fish lures having been banned entirely in order to maintain safe water for us all and others being restricted.

A well-known angler has made a special call to his fellow anglers for the first time to set aside a time and place that offers the ultimate experience for bass and trout lovers. It’s called The Fishing School: Anglers can join in the fight against COVID-19 at the Cebú Fishing Center, which is currently closed. This is an unprecedented situation to have an educational fishing session in a private setting.

For fishing enthusiasts and those not quite ready to change to another type of fishing, the Cebú Fishing Center features 3 large fishing lakes and a lake with large carp that is home both to trout and carp. Old blog: We reveal 6 ways to keep fishing alive in the water. New blog: This is a good moment for fishing lovers to get back to some of the activities they enjoy, whether it might include boating, fishing or just having fun with friends and family.

New technology has introduced a couple of amazing developments which have changed the game and now you have got an enormous number of options to choose from. When it comes to fishing in your boat you are always thinking to yourself ‘this fish is different!’, ‘I think I’m gonna kill this fish’ and you’ll need to learn a huge amount of techniques and tricks to catch that fish. Fishing in the water brings its own challenges.

Fish lures are designed to bring fish to you, however, this isn’t only about catching fish and keeping them alive. The fish life will still be there if you get a good idea before the competition and have good luck which can easily happen as time goes by. Fishing lures are a tricky way, to have the best chance for catching that fish, and the fish lures that are designed for catching fish has made it more difficult for anglers.

We unveil 6 ways to keep fishing alive in the water. These are some of the best things we experienced during the COVID-19 quarantine.

When you look at the weather forecast, look for the signs of what you can expect for your fish fishing outings this next season.

How to choose the best bass lures for your upcoming fishing trips. The COVID-19 is a serious threat to the fishing industry.

We reveal 6 ways for keeping fishing alive in the water.


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