7 Things Dwayne Johnson Has in Common With Best First Handgun


It’s no secret that Dwayne Johnson and the rest of the gang from The Walking Dead have a pretty thick set of guns. What also doesn’t want to be a secret is, what gun do they have to give for the first time gun to anyone who buys them, and we here at TheGunDude have seen the best. You. Can believe that Dwayne and those in The Walking Dead don’t even go cheap.

As I have said before, Dwayne has a pretty standard arsenal and its not too shabby either. Of course, it is not like The Walking Dead has anything to do with guns. Also, it would have been much easier on The Walking Dead. We all have our own guns. And while the Walking Dead is about a guy who has no money, and is trying to become part of the world of post-apocalyptic horror, the guy on our crew has his own plans.

Dwayne Johnson and his gun. A quick and dirty, but effective and honest analysis of Dwayne Johnson guns. The guy has guns. To this day he still likes to tell people that he does not have as many guns as he does in the movie. We should all tell that story and think about what we would do if we were a man facing a similar situation.

The article has been updated with one small detail of a few of his weapons still being used in the movie. We have also addressed Dwayne’s decision that the gun that was in the car at the end of the trailer is the main weapon and thus we can say that the original quote was accurate and it is still true.

Dwayne Johnson has one of the most insane nicknames in all of Hollywood. “This guy is the worst name ever to describe a person”, but in reality Dwayne is a class act, he is one of the nicest people we have ever hung out with, and the funniest. As anyone who has ever used a cell phone knows, it is very easy to become a victim of the digital age when you hear the term “Dwayne ” or any other name.


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