8 Brilliant Tips for Raid Shadow Legends Best Starter Newbies


The first step towards setting up your own farm is recruiting your own farmers. And you better be sure that your crop is going to have the best quality. We’ve all seen farm animals fail when food supplies plummet. The best thing you can do when you feel like your crops are not up to par is to go back to the fields and let nature take its course. Raid Shadow Legends is a series of new farming series that introduces players to the basics of the farming system.

In each episode, a farmer teaches his or her unique technique of farming. Youll get your hands dirty, and your knowledge will be turned into action. Each episode lasts about 70-90 minutes. Each farmer acts as a boss and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Your first foray into farming starts with these top tips:• Collecting all the required supplies for the upcoming episode• Selecting the best plants for farming• Looking for the best conditions and locations for your crops to thrive• Growing crops that are not normally seen in the game • Taking a tour of the fields and forests to get a feel for the farming process This guide includes basic techniques from the farm, with plenty of hints to help players get the best results.

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