8 Can’t-Miss Netflix Shows on Best Buy Southfield

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There are a lot of great shows on Netflix’s Prime Instant and the only thing missing is access to an Xbox. That’s where you can find The Office, The King of Queens, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and many more. Why do you need an Xbox? You can use a Roku or Chromecast to stream your favorite shows and music right from your TV. You can also browse through your favorite videos straight from your tablet or any Android phone.

Your Netflix experience may differ from my experience, but the same applies here. With more streaming and more shows, it may just be like being at a home theater set. Your TV is the centerpiece of any movie theater. Watching the latest episodes of The Office or The Wire on Netflix was a revelation.

I must admit it takes more than just a game console to hold my interest, Netflix has made sure that it’s the same app for everyone. Whether it’s shows, documentaries, comedy shows, kids’ shows, and much more, it’s all in the same package. With all of the streaming options in one place, it makes it easy for you to watch The Office or Stranger Things.

It is so easy for me to access Netflix. I just need a Roku or Chromecast.

I am so thankful that Netflix has a large selection of streaming shows. I am sure you can use one when you go to your local store or even online! When I get into a show I like I can watch it anytime on my iPad or Google Play. Now that you can access any TV show, movie, news, documentary whatever you want on your tablet or Android device you can binge-watch your favorite shows and then go watch them on your big screen.

In order to watch shows in high definition quality, you will need a high definition TV. For example, if you have a high def Roku model, then you need a Roku Ultra. It may not look like much from the outside, but inside you will find a huge 7″ qHD (1140 x 1920 resolution) and 4″ screen. Once you have this device ready, just plug it into your TV, and you are set.


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