The show which has come to dominate the minds of thousands of accident victims is called The Killing. Here’s what accident victims and family members had to say about The Killing, “The Killing shows how the everyday acts of a drunk driver can lead to catastrophic injury and the loss of a loved one. The show not only shows how the family of the victim dealt with the aftermath of the incident but also how to cope with the aftermath of an accident.

We love shows like The Killing, The Killing shows so much about the process, from the moment of the accident, to getting the details right, dealing with insurance claims and dealing with the aftermath. This is the story of how a very young, very drunk driver killed his young wife and young daughter and then came home and stabbed, beat and tortured the entire family.

The second episode of The Killing on Netflix on the 21st of this month; its already a great addition in my book. I love this show, I am excited to see how people cope with tragedy with a positive outlook, and how that attitude will effect their own lives. My favorite part so far is how we see the process of recovery. In this episode there is a huge amount of footage of trauma and the grieving process, how an accident victim deals with these issues.

This is just my opinion, but I felt that this show didn’t do the job that it is suppose to do. I will talk about more about that in the next few hours.

This is a series of posts, each about 40-60 minutes, that covers a different topic. Think of it as a mini-series, if you will, covering a particular topic that would be really helpful for any of the readers who are not lawyers.


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