8 Things Every Best 35mm Film Lover Should Know


From the first time I saw an 8mm film, a film that shoots as high as 35 millimeters, I’ve always found it a wonderful lens. But I had forgotten some of the details from its design and how it came to be. The best documentary I’ve had the pleasure of watching is 8 Things Every Best 35mm Film Lover Should Know, directed by Paul Greengrass and Steven Soderbergh.

I first discovered it thanks to some people I know, and today, I finally made it through the entire film. My favourite moments were the scenes where a camera moves back and forth across the characters, how it was shot from many angles and different vantage points. The film was so interesting that it got me to thinking.

Its a good documentary, but it was still only 50% of what it needed to be. I love the way the actors were filmed. It was so interesting the way they moved and interacted with each other! The film is very detailed and the cast looks like a real group of people. 8 Things is a really interesting documentary. This movie gets more complex, because it is all about relationships.

The best documentary this year was not my choice, this was an amazing film that should be included in any person’s must-do list and we all owe it to a lucky girl who discovered it when she was 16 years old when I was on Facebook. A friend of mine wrote a blog post on how she got interested in a lot of documentaries.

This is how it should be, we are a team of friends and family, an all around great family, our commitment to each other is stronger than ever due to the fact of our being here. I wish there was a way in this world to make a friendship that lasts forever. We care deeply for each other, to lose one of us would mean to lose the whole thing, but to feel loved by him / her, I think we can manage.


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