8 Tricks to Kick Your Worst Best Laminate Floor Cleaner Habits

cleaning, housewife, mop @ Pixabay

If you’ve been around the block with your floor cleaning you are likely to have experienced one of those sticky-feel, sticky-sticky, sticky-slippery messes you get from a lot of floor cleaners. And for good reason. They can be sticky to the touch and cause your floors to have a terrible, terrible shine to them.

Instead of getting sticky messes over your floor, try these eight tips. Instead of trying to scrub the mess you know is there, try to create a fresh clean from scratch. For starters, make sure that the surface is as clean as you can stand. Remember, you need a clean, shiny floor.

Try making the surface as smooth and easy to clean as possible by installing a rug or a floor mat. Or, try sanding or using a floor mat, or even scrubbing to get rid of the dirt and make the floor surface look new. Make sure there are no cracks on the floor. You don’t want the whole floor to come apart from your floor cleaner-related habits.

If you want to create a fresh, new floor, try investing in laminate flooring, which will help clean, shine, and maintain the floors of your floors. To get the best results, try our 7 easy steps to make a brand new laminate flooring surface.

This is one of those things that can be accomplished in as little time as you are willing to use. Using just a few simple supplies available at Home Depot, you can transform your old carpet into new laminate floors within less than one hour. Use this video to help you get started and take what are essentially the first steps necessary to create new laminate floors.


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