In a short space of time, Coronavirus has changed the way we as people think about bears. I started this blog with a simple premise: We humans have been doing things (not so very well) all along. We have done things to make ourselves better in every sense of the word. We have put out and collected trash. We have gone hunting to collect bones. We have picked berries and gathered mushrooms…. We have even created new life by planting.

Our brains are wired into a 24/7 energy mode. We can live our lives for a year and not realize the change we all just witnessed. The pandemic has shown there is a lack of understanding between people from various races, nationalities, religions, and ages. We need to start having honest and open conversations with each other.

The way we think has been drastically altered. We have become very reactive in nature. We have the power to change how we think about bears. We need to get back to the ways we have been created. We are all created by God and our brains are wired for certain thoughts. If we take some time with God and use this time to create relationships, then our brains will change in the process and we will all become better people.

This is another blog in which I provide my perspective on our pandemic. We are all so far apart as to why we have had so much fear, panic and what to do. This is to help our families, friends and coworkers who have to stay up late at nights and are worried sick. I know this is very normal for our generation… but it is something we must come to terms with, it is a decision we need to make for ourselves.

My new blog is a discussion on making sense of our pandemic. How do we make sense of it? How can we get back to the way we have always been as a species? I have written many posts on this subject, and my goal is to bring those ideas to life so others can learn from my mistakes. I will be back in the future to discuss your ideas and make a plan for where you will go.

The pandemic is affecting everyone. It’s as if everything is on hold. You have a number of things to take care of, you have to plan out for your social gatherings and have a plan for your grocery stores and you have to be prepared for a possible social gathering. What has changed the most is that we are now forced to face reality.

A new reality, as the President said, “The real virus is us”. Not just a virus. We are infected by a virus that was planted in our systems to attack our society.


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