9 Amazing Facts About Best Places to Live in New Mexico


New Mexico’s most populous state is known as a place of beauty, breathtaking sunsets, and abundant spring and summer rain. And now we all want to live here, which is why it’s the perfect home for the world’s best places to live.

We have a wonderful history of creating great places to live in. Our current home is in the heart of the beautiful Rio Grande Valley, home of Cucamonga Lake, a scenic lake, a golf-filled valley, an ideal place for swimming, fishing, and more. As for the mountains, they give a hint of the region’s beauty.

In the heart of beautiful, historic Rio Rancho, Colorado is a city worth checking out. Located at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Colorado is one of America’s first urban cities and the first one in the country to allow women the right to vote. It is a great place to raise your children or build a life.


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