9 Best Fiends Music Festival Stories Worth Reading Right Now


Fiend has been celebrating its 19th anniversary every year since 2003. It is so old that it still has signs up in your local bookstore! It started off as a one night stand and grew into a place where anyone could go to play shows and share their talents with anyone looking to become an entertainer. It is a place that has opened up a whole new world for everyone involved with it. People play shows all over the U.S. Some of those shows still go on today.

Over the past 10 years the festival has grown into a massive cultural phenomenon. From the hundreds of local artists who come from across the country to the hundreds of smaller acts like us who have been able to perform here. Whether you are a musician or any other entertainment industry professional, you will have an entertaining time when you attend these events.

If you are looking for entertainment in which will put your heart in the music and soul on earth then look no further than FIFII, an open-air concert that is not to be missed. The only problem is that this type of festival can be one of the worst things that have come to our country in decades. The amount of drugs that are sold here is frightening to imagine as well.


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