Borderlands 3 follows the story of a man returning from the dead on a quest to take back his kidnapped daughter. But there’s a twist in the tale that keeps everyone guessing.

Borderlands 3 is a world filled with violence and chaos but as we know, with a good writer in the director, its still fun. The story will definitely have you hooked as to how to survive each boss fight and get to the next one! So be warned, though there has been numerous improvements over its predecessors, the game will not be suitable for casual gamers, players who appreciate the story but want a bit of action that fits on a handheld TV.

The sequel has taken many twists since the first one and this time it is a very personal journey all over again. With a twist in the story, its quite a surprise that you are able to play this game in its entirety at once. Its all about the mechanics of shooting so you might need to give yourself a little time to get used to some of the new abilities you’ll get on screen.

If you are a fan of Borderlands, youre definitely going to be surprised with what’s in store for you in A Dark and Deadly Night 3. A lot of this installment is new to the trilogy, yet it takes place over 3 separate levels. The first and second level has been entirely upgraded with lots of new weapons, vehicles, and of course vehicles. Both have also been altered to add new features so there is no doubt about what’s going to happen next.

The sequel is full of blood, terror and death from Borderlands 3. However, the one part that really matters is that youre in the open, where you can see your enemies, hear what they say, and even be in their shoes, you can truly empathize with them and have the fight against what they have to face. The battle is more intense and deadly than ever, as you can fight with melee or a pistol.

No matter what happens you will feel great, knowing that youve reached your goal. Even without a weapon, no matter what, with a very powerful pistol, or even with a gun that fires a bullet the size of a tennis ball, you will be able to use it to survive the next battle. We all have some training as it sounds, but if you go ahead and take this training to heart, you can never go wrong.


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