There’s nothing worse than a tree that is too big to take care of ourselves. They are an invasive pest and destroy our gardens at an insane rate. I recommend doing as much as you can today and go back to the past and trim them before it’s too late. With the right tools and know-how, you can do it in 15 minutes.

Not only do we need to keep a close eye on the garden from year to year to make sure that it hasn’t been trampled by trees, but we also need to go out into our lives and ask ourselves what we want.

There’s no better time than in the spring and summer to trim trees. The cold nights and snowstorms keep the trees under control, allowing you to enjoy the garden and not worry about damaging the trees or getting it rained on. Trimming when needed is a great way to conserve energy and help us enjoy our outdoor space.

It is a good idea to trim trees if they are in close proximity, as they make lovely displays. However, you can trim a tree that is 2 feet away from your house without having to worry about the lawn going brown, which would create a big cleanup job. Another benefit of trimming tree branches is that it acts as a natural barrier, keeping the lawn from getting mowed or torn up in the process and making you less likely to get it mown.

I am writing this blog from the perspective of what I have experienced over the past few months in and around a neighborhood home. It has been the most rewarding, challenging, and enlightening time of my life. It has made me realize what I have been looking for all along and what I believe is possible. Good quality of life is about living a life that makes every day of the year great. It is never going to happen overnight, neither is life.


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