Best Hunter Build Destiny 2 Changed My Life. Here’s My Story


I am not the best hunter but do not worry. I made that title up. Best hunter is not a title that would be bestowed to me by my best friend’s great uncle or any other hunter with a good sense of humour. My real best hunter is my father, Mike Robinson – better known as ‘The Hunter’.

Best hunter is not too complicated, and I’m not telling you what to play for the next few games either. What we should be concerned with is having a strong base of skills that are not in need of development in this new game. The thing is that the best hunter is not a hunter.

A good hunter must be the one who is able to hunt and hunt only for what is his/her purpose in life. Once the hunting is done, and the hunting ends, then there is no more hunting. When a hunter dies, the world goes dark and no matter how old they are, when they die, no one moves forward. The only purpose for a hunter is to have fun or kill game.

When we start hunting for game to survive, and we find no game, then it is time to be a hunter like Mike said. In a new hunter, it is important to learn how to hunt. Once the learning and skills are in shape, it is time to hunt. There are many things to hunt, I am an expert hunter and do not need any lessons or how to be a hunter for the rest of my life.


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