curse of the man who sees ufos,

curse of the man who sees ufos,

In the early morning hours, while most of us are fast asleep, a man was driving on a lonely country road when he saw something in the sky.

He stopped his car to see what it was and couldn’t believe his eyes. The object hovering before him in the night sky looked like a UFO!

In the days after that, he began to feel a strange sense of paranoia and fear.

He felt like every time he saw something out of the corner of his eye, it was watching him.

The man became convinced that all these times when he thought there were people or animals lurking in the bushes, they really weren’t –

they were just an illusion created by aliens who wanted to take over earth! Then one day while at work looking for something on a shelf behind him, he turned around and there stood some kind creature with four eyes from another planet staring right back at him! It had been following him without being seen as part of its plan to kidnap humans so their brains could be harvested for food! He tried not


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