curver trash can,

curver trash can,

Look your trash can is not just a place to throw your garbage. You can actually use it to make life easier and more convenient for your household!

Here are 10 ways that you might be able to utilize this underestimated item in new, interesting ways. 1) Use the curver trashcan as an ice bucket for barbecues or events where drinks will be served outside of the home.

The size makes it perfect for holding enough ice cubes and up keep from melting too quickly while also being easy to transport back inside when needed.

2) Place some compostable food scraps into the curver trashcan before taking them out on garbage day instead of putting them all together with other recyclables, reducing exposure that those items might have to the outside environment or animals. Some other ideas:

filling it with a few inches of water and using as a potted plant holder, recycling container for paper products like toilet paper rolls, storage bin under your bed for extra blankets and sheets —

the list goes on! Use your imagination when considering what you could do with this underestimated item in new ways. You might be surprised at just how many different uses there are from something so simple! Curver Trashcan Uses Infographic – An infographic detailing why curver trash cans make sense in every room of the house. As seen on: Pinterest As shared by [email protected]_com Edit Share To Suit Your Needs Edit Share To


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