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common misconception

It’s a common misconception that writing is easy. Anyone can write, right? Wrong.

Writing is hard – it requires creativity and the ability to convey your message in such a way as to hold your reader’s attention. That’s why we get paid for this stuff, after all!

The following article will teach you how to avoid the most common pitfalls of bad writers everywhere.. -Use an active voice. Passive sentences are boring and make it difficult for the reader to connect with your thoughts.

Less is more, so don’t use ten words when five will do just as well (or better!) -Avoid clich├ęs or tired phrases like “it’s a new day” or “time heals all wounds.

” If you find yourself using them, try rewriting what you’re saying in a way that doesn’t rely on these overused expressions. You’ll be surprised how much this can improve your writing! ?? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? -Don’t forget punctuation: periods end statements; question marks show uncertainty; exclamation points express excitement/surprise/intensity of feeling;


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