Cutie pie you’re the reason.

woman, beach, jump @ Pixabay

You’re the reason I’m smiling, you’re the light in my dark sky. You’re a shooting star that takes me to another world every time we kiss. Love is all around us; it’s what makes life worth living. And there’s so much love wherever you are, because you love me and I love you! You’re a big, bright star that shines just for me. You light up my world and show me the way to go.

people, three, portrait @ Pixabay

I love you so much it hurts sometimes because I’m not sure what life would be like without you by my side. Sure, there are times when we get mad at each other or even cry over things but know this: every single thing is worth fighting for with you. Love makes everything better; yes it’s true. It even helps us see things in a different light than before-through your eyes as if they were mine too. And all of our differences make us stronger together-you bring out something inside of me that no one else could ever do. 


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