Cyclopropane is a highly strained molecule.

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A cyclopropane is a highly strained molecule. Why? Select all that apply: -It has no double bonds because it’s unsaturated, so there’s an extra strain on the molecule. The carbon atoms have three bonds apiece instead of four, which means they’re pulling in different directions and creating more tension in the bond angles.

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The molecules are nonplanar due to steric repulsion from each other and their shape changes as they rotate around one another, which creates even more stress on the electrons holding them together. It’s more reactive than other saturated hydrocarbons because it has fewer bonds to react with, which means that there is more of a strain on the carbon atoms. The ring shape also makes cyclopropane molecules larger and bulkier than their counterparts, meaning they can’t fit into small spaces as easily.

Cyclopropane molecules are highly strained due to: They have no double bonds so all the stress goes onto one bond per atom instead of two. There are three bonds apiece for each molecule instead of four, creating extra tension in both angles and shapes. Cyclopropanes rotate around one another causing even higher energy release when electrons jump between them. 


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