Dad are we kawaii?

kawaii, panda, rabbit @ Pixabay

In Japan, there is a word for the cute aesthetic that has been popularized by Western media: Kawaii. It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t know what it means. The term can be translated as “cute” or “adorable.”

In other words, this is a perfect word for describing my daughter! My name is Jonny and I am from California. My daughter Anna loves dressing up in her favourite kawaii clothes but sometimes they are hard to find here in America.

family, holding hands, parents @ Pixabay

So I started searching online and found some of the cutest clothing stores on the internet! This blog post will share with you all of my secrets so you can make your little one just as kawaii as mine!

My daughter is now the cutest little girl I know. When she comes out of her room in some of these outfits, it’s hard not to laugh because they are so adorable!

It makes me so proud that people think my baby girl is just as pretty and cute as a kitty cat or bunny rabbit. It made me feel really good when one day Anna told me she wanted to wear clothes just like mommy’s too – but with more glitter!

She has started wearing dresses all the time and even got pink hair for Halloween last year! Now we play dress-up together every night before bedtime since we both love being kawaii 🙂 


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