Everyone loves a good dad joke, and this blog post has the funniest of them all. Whether you’re looking for something to tell your kids or want to make work more fun with some jokes, we’ve got you covered.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a knock-knock joke or an elephant joke – as long as it makes us laugh, that’s all that matters! So sit back and read on for the best of the worst (but really they’re just funny) dad jokes around!

dragon, fantasy, fairytale @ Pixabay

Number of Words: 27 words.

Here’s one to get you started! “How many roads must a man walk down before he says, ‘no more!’?

The answer is simple and just depends on how fast the person walks.” Name three consecutive days in order from Sunday to Wednesday.








Now it’s your turn! Write up some really good jokes for us all to enjoy! We’ve got room for five or so – what do you think?”

Let me know if there are any typos I need to fix too, thanks!” How can an octopus go through a roundabout? He goes around and around (roundabout). 


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