Dad where are we going? season 1 Eng sub

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Dad, Where Are We Going? (Hangul: 툭 때리고 왔다) is a South Korean variety show that first aired on November 4, 2011. This season will be the first and only season to air in Korea before it took off and began airing internationally.

Season 1 includes 10 episodes with two being unaired in Korea’s original broadcast which was later released as DVD extras for international audiences.

This season has been popular amongst international audiences for its various cast members, who were later dubbed as the “Dad Squad.”

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The Dad Squad consisted of male celebrities with a fatherly feel to them such as Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-min and Lee Seo Jin.

Season one includes guest appearances from Kang Ho Dong, Boom (BoA), Jung Hyung Don and Taeyeon.

Including episodes that aired in Korea before this release such as two unaired episodes DVD extras for international audiences, it totals up to 12 hours of content which is broken into six chapters.


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